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Essential Apartment Safety Tips For Westfield Residents

November 30, 2022
Black and white decorated bedroom located at Continuum Apartments
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Every home has invisible hazards, including your apartment in Westfield. Broken things, pests, lit candles, unsupervised pets, and more can harm you and others. Fortunately, you can make your home and apartment community safer for everyone with a bit of forethought and help from your apartment maintenance specialists. If you’re worried you’ve missed something, our apartment safety tips for Westfield Residents can help.

Report Broken Things To The Maintenance Crew

Fireplace at an outdoor hangout area located at One One Six Apartments.

If an appliance or fixture in your Westfield apartment breaks down, report it as soon as possible to your community management or maintenance team. Malfunctioning kitchen appliances can lead to a fire or gas leak. Leaking plumbing can cause mold and water damage or burst later. Rough edges or detached flooring can cause cuts and falls. You should also point out broken things outside around the property, such as playground equipment, fences, fallen tree limbs, and railings. The maintenance staff will gladly resolve these issues for everybody’s safety.

Secure Each Of Your Doors

Exterior view of high-rise Penrose On Mass Apartments with cars parked in front.

No matter how safe you feel in your neighborhood and town, break-ins might still occur. You might not be allowed to put in a security system in your Westfield apartment, but locking your doors is a simple way to prevent an intrusion. If you question the integrity of your locks, talk to the property management team about getting new ones.

Fight Pest Infestations Immediately

Everyone finds a bug in their home at some time. But if you notice a swarm of bugs or a small animal, take action immediately. Such critters can give people illness and contaminate your food. You’ll see many home pest deterrents on the market for a quick fix. But you should also get assistance from your maintenance crew when finding infestations or rodents. They can bring in an exterminator and fix holes and cracks where creatues slip in.

Keep An Eye On Your Pets

View of a river during the fall season the from Riverview Apartments

Unsupervised pets can create dangerous situations for] themselves and others, even if living in a pet-friendly community. Never let your pet out alone where someone or something could hurt them. Only remove their leash outside if your apartment has a leash-free dog park. And discourage neighbors from petting your animal if people stress it out.

Drive Responsibly Around Your Neighborhood

Several cars parked in front of the entrance located at Waverly Apartments.

There are outside apartment safety tips in Westfield too, including driving safely. Obey the posted speed limits on the streets, look out for pedestrians, and don’t drive distracted. Lock car doors to prevent break-ins. And watch out for ice when driving or walking in the parking lot during winter.

Practice Good Fire Safety

Every house fire is scary, but apartment fires put several households in danger. If your apartment community permits grills or burning candles, always take precautions. Blow out candles before you leave or fall asleep. Don’t use open flames near pets or children. Or consider using electric candles or candle warmers.

Never leave a grill unattended, and place it several feet away from buildings, trees, children, and pets. Always extinguish flames by soaking the charcoal or completely closing the vents for a few hours before you put the grill away.

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