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What Should I Install In My Apartment In Westfield?

August 16, 2021
Model living room at Union Street Flats Apartments.

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Whether you just rented a new place or want to improve your current living space, you may wonder what things you can install in your apartment in Westfield. As a general rule, you should avoid putting in items that involve making a substantial hole or can’t be removed, such as a bidet. Your community rules may also specify installations you cannot take on. For things on the fence, consult this guide before attempting a self installation in your Westfield apartment.

Can I Hang A Flat Screen Or Speakers?

Most apartment complexes will allow you to hang a wall mount so you can make more shelf space on your shelves. The thing to think about for hanging items is that nails or brackets are fine, but avoid the installation if you have to use a keyhole saw to create a large gap. The same rule also applies for wall mounted soundbars and speakers. Feel free to install the brackets, but don’t start cutting into the drywall to hide the wires.

Can I Install Security Components In My Apartment In Westfield?

Even apartment inhabitants who choose to live in a “good” area often want some sort of safety, but not all security devices are helpful for apartment living. Some home security systems require cutting walls and ceilings to install wires. And you can’t take the system with you if you leave. Or you may be given a fee at move-out to repair damage. To get around this, use portable security cameras and devices that use batteries and pair to uses its own network. Many apartment Residents like the convenience of a smart doorbell with a camera and intercom system.

You could want to install a keypad lock on your Westfield apartment. Changing the locks on your apartment is almost certainly against your lease agreement. If you don’t trust your existing lock’s integrity, consult the management.

Model bedroom at Union Street Flats Apartments.

Can I Install A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans may cool off a room, but they might also cause problems with apartment management if you hang one yourself. You should never install an item that needs wiring. Your apartment management won’t know if you installed it safely. They have to keep all Residents in your complex safe and protect their property from flammable do-it-yourself projects. Violating your lease this way lead to penalties or worse.

If you need more air circulation or overhead lights in your apartment, tower fans and lamps are your top choices. You may also have a discussion with the staff if you think your HVAC system is not running well. Or search out a place that uses ceiling fans.

 Model bathroom at Union Street Flats Apartments.

Can I Get A Bidet Or Better Showerhead?

You might wish to customize your bathroom to your needs. But, apartment Residents won’t want to attempt major plumbing alterations. Apartment plumbing systems are throughout every unit, and one ill-advised move can screw up each unit’s water pressure. So installing a stand alone bidet is not a great DIY project.

You still havelThere’s a bunch of significant changes you can make to your bathroom. If you need a bidet, install a bidet perferrial that attaches to your toilet. For more comfortable showers, upgrade the existing shower head with a pressurized fixture.

Model laundry room

Can I Create More Apartment Storage?

Every layout has a closet or two, but most renters still need extra places to stash their stuff. Most storage solutions are fine for apartment living because you won’t destroy the existing structures like built in shelves or make large gaps. You can add PVC shelves in your closets, coat racks in your front rooms, or an extra towel bar to the bathroom. Or put in wall shelves for accessories in your bedroom and a hanging board for utensils on the kitchen wall.

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