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How To Secure Your Apartment In Westfield

February 08, 2023
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Safety is a primary consideration for everyone from first-time tenants to long-term Residents. Your apartment is your refuge, a spot where you have the ability to feel protected and relaxed. Keeping that feeling of security is vital to the health and happiness of your family and even your pets. Initiating proper safety measures and making a couple updates to your residence can keep you out of harm’s way. All you have to do is follow these simple suggestions for securing your apartment in Westfield.

Always Go With “Safety First”

Outdoor swimming pool at apartment complex

Your apartment complex already has some security implements in place to help keep tenants away from harm, but you need to engage with them properly! Be certain to secure all gates and doors after using them, specifically if it requires a card, key, or passcode from a tenant, like a workout area or swimming pool. If your property features door buzzers or keypad codes at entrances, only use them for your own company. Letting strangers in may create a dangerous situation for you and other Residents!

On the topic of your fellow Residents, they are critical in securing your apartment in Westfield. Become familiar with your people in your building and figure out who lives in which unit. Knowing this helps you discern if any shady characters are hanging around. Your neighbors could also be the ones who make a report should a situation occur. After all, safety is a team effort!

Devices to Secure Your Apartment in Westfield

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Security tools are paramount to proper security. Below are some well-known and useful instruments and how to incorporate them:

  1. Locks and bolts: Your access points like your main entry are equipped with locks - don’t forget about them! Intruders try to find the easiest way in. Securing your doors and windows at night and before departing is often all you need to deter the common burglar.
  2. Sliding door bar: A sliding back door is often a big target. Putting a metal or wood bar along the track to prevent it from moving makes it virtually impossible to break into.
  3. Video cameras: Your apartment complex might have security cameras in place to protect Residents, but integrating your own may be smart. Put them near access points like your sliding door or above a main hallway in the apartment to maintain a vigilant eye.
  4. Programmable lights: An easy trick for securing your apartment in Westfield is to use lighting that will make prospective criminals think you’re on site. Smart lights that can be set to turn on at specific hours or activated with a smartphone app can make it appear like occupants are there.
  5. Window coverings: As simple as it may appear, minimizing sightlines into your apartment keeps prized possessions out of sight and keeps criminals wondering if you’re present or not.

Getting The Lock Rekeyed Is A Good Idea

Man replacing a door lock

Prior to moving in, it’s wise to ask if the door has been rekeyed. Asking about updated locks is wise to ensure the prior occupant can’t gain access to your new place. On the chance it has not been changed, this is a task the property management should address for you.

Renters Insurance Is Smart To Have

Regardless of whether you integrate these suggestions on how to secure your apartment in Westfield, tenant insurance is still essential. Your provider will back you up and help you replace damaged or stolen items should something take place. Put your mind at ease with a tenant insurance policy.

Excited To Select Your New Apartment In Westfield?

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