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Make Your Apartment Feel Fresh With Our Apartment Organization Ideas In Westfield

March 09, 2022
Large bedroom at Highpointe Apartments.

The way you organize your Westfield apartment affects how you feel in your unit. It’s difficult to relax, entertain, or focus how you want if you have clutter all over. A neat, organized space feels more comfortable and refreshing. If you want to switch things up and get a fresh start in your home, try these apartment organization ideas for Westfield.

Sort Things In Drawers With Dividers

Bathroom drawer with dividers for organization. 

If you’re constantly searching through drawers for things, tidy up with dividers. You can use various dividers, trays, and utensil organizers to keep your things sorted. Utilize them in kitchen, bathroom, dresser, and desk drawers – places with lots of little gadgets rolling around. You’ll never search through your overstuffed drawer again if everything is organized! You can buy pre-made dividers at any big-box store or make some with plastic storage containers and shoes boxes.

Declutter Bathroom And Kitchen Countertops

Modern kitchen area at Spark Apartments. 

Most apartment floor plans don’t have room for large bathroom and kitchen counters. Keeping your countertops clean will give you additional counter space. To declutter, begin by choosing a new home for things that don’t stay on the counter. Then store anything remaining in stylish, functional containers like a decorative tiered tray for bathroom toiletries or trendy jars for baking supplies.

Keep The Tub Tidy With Hooks And Caddies

Whether you share your bathroom with roommates or your family, the shower or tub can get cluttered quickly with everybody’s shampoo, soap, and bath toys. You can organize everything with temporary adhesive hooks and shower caddies. First, toss items nobody uses. Then assign each user a personal hook for their washcloth or loofa and caddy compartments for their toys and toiletries. You’ll like how much neater the bath area looks without bottles and rubber duckies all over the place.

Clear Out Clutter From Under Beds

Storing things under your bed is a good idea–until you forget what’s under there. Drag everything out from under your bed and toss everything you don’t need. Reorganize the remaining items with under-the-bed storage boxes with lids or vacuum-sealed bags to protect from dust. You may even discover extra space to stow away things from other places that need a new home.

Make A Pet Storage Station

Golden retriever with his basket of toys. 

If your apartment is pet-friendly, you need a place to keep your fur baby’s supplies. You can create a pet storage station with a small bookcase or cabinet to put all of your pet’s things. Put away toys in a basket down low where Fluffy can reach them and food in a pet-proof container up high. Attach hooks on the wall for collars and leashes, and you’ll always be prepared for a quick walk outside.

Use Walls To Create Extra Storage

File storage on a wall at Penrose Apartments. 

Many apartment organization ideas for Westfield take it for granted that you have plenty of built-in storage. But if storage isn’t one of the great amenities in your apartment, you may have trouble finding somewhere to put things when you reorganize. In that case, to think outside the box with your wall space. Replace short bookshelves with tall ones, install floating shelves, or use adhesive hooks to create additional storage in every room. It’s incredible how much space you’ll save simply with a hook for keys and a hanging storage bin for mail.

Try Your Own Apartment Organization Ideas In A Westfield Apartment At Harmony Apartment Homes

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