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The Pros And Cons Of Apartments With Utilities Included In Westfield

February 22, 2023
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Having utilities included may seem like a nice deal when searching for an apartment in Westfield. You won’t have to set aside funds for water, electricity, and gas or set a reminder to submit payment for those bills each month. With that being said, you could pay a more expensive rent to offset the cost of your utilities, and you’ll never know if you’re paying more than you would if utilities were paid separately. So before signing on the dotted line, let’s examine the benefits and disadvantages of apartments with utilities included in Westfield.

The Benefits Of Apartments With Utilities Included In Westfield

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Along with their amenities, many Westfield apartments advertise that rent covers utilities such as gas, electricity, and water. This certainly adds convenience. With those fees combined into your rent payment, you’ll never have to budget for utilities or set a reminder to take care of those bills every month. All you need to do is cover your rent, and you’ll be good to go! You also will forgo the inconvenience of creating accounts with the various utility providers when you move in.

Selecting a utilities-included apartment in Westfield might save you money as well. If you use the A/C or furnace at full force quite often during the year, you won’t have to deal with pricier utility expenses in the summer or wintertime. You’ll have the benefit of paying the same rental amount regardless of your HVAC usage, with no exceptions. Having the utilities included can work out well for people who spend most of their day at home or have a spacious apartment. If you are inside with lighting and the furnace on throughout the day or need to warm up a large interior, including utilities with your monthly rent might make financial sense.

The Drawbacks Of Utilities Included Apartments In Westfield

Staying in an apartment with utilities included doesn’t work for everyone. To balance out the cost of those utilities, your property’s management might charge a larger rent payment. For those who use a fair amount of gas or electricity during the year, that expense might be similar to or not as much as paying the utility bills independently. But if you don’t operate your furnace or AC very much, you might use less energy than what you’re being charged for in rent. You could even spend more than what you should on combined utilities and rent monthly to offset other occupants’ higher energy use, and you wouldn’t know.

With utilities tied to your rent, you also don’t have the ability to reduce your energy consumption to cut costs. You may switch off your apartment HVAC system and utilize a minimal amount of electricity, but your rent won’t change. As others will enjoy reduced utility costs during certain times of the year, you’ll pay the same amount of rent, regardless of what you do.

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