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Your Ultimate Apartment Moving Checklist For Westfield

December 20, 2021
Exterior photo of The Verge Apartments in the fall season.
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You have a lot to accomplish when moving to a new Westfield apartment community. Having a handy guide at your side will ensure everything goes in an orderly fashion. It allows you to remember each important job, stay on schedule, and feel more in charge of the situation. With a goal of making your next apartment move more stress-free, we’ve assembled these essential tasks for your apartment moving checklist in Westfield.

8 Weeks Until Your Move: Start Preparing

A white bedroom inside of the Echo Park Bloomington Apartments. 

Don’t wait to the last minute! The moving process will feel less hectic the more in advance you begin preparing.
  • Make an actual list. Follow our tips to begin your Westfield apartment moving checklist and keep adding jobs to it as you think of them.
  • Inform your current leasing office. Many agreements call for a 60-day notice before you plan to leave.
  • Review what your current landlord requires when leaving, which may include a final walk-through and proper cleaning. Be sure to include these on your checklist.

6 Weeks Until Moving: Plan Your Moving Day

Now is the time to figure out the logistics for the day of your move and schedule movers.

  • Wrap-up anything that’s still pending with your new apartment property in Westfield. Establish agreed-upon arrival date, double check the move-in process, and submit any outstanding paperwork.
  • Hire a team of professionals or sign up for a rental truck. Get reservations done at this time to help guarantee your requested moving date can be accommodated.
  • Arrange childcare or a pet sitter for the big day to keep kids and animals safe.

2-4 Weeks Prior To Moving Day: Get Packed

Inside of a fancy bedroom at the Waverly Apartments. 

Packing ahead of time will reduce your stress as your day approaches. Place your possessions in one of three categories: keep, donate, or throw away.
  • Gather moving boxes and other supplies.
  • Box up non-vital goods and eliminating things you no longer want. Always remember to label boxes!
  • Fix any problems that you caused in your prior home to get your deposit back.
  • Revise your tenant insurance policy with your new place.
  • Submit paperwork to update your address and request your mail to be forwarded by the USPS.
  • Schedule the shifting of your utility services or create new accounts for electric, gas, cable.
  • Notify your employer, financial institutions, and others of your new address.
  • Find where the nearest dining, shopping, healthcare facilities, and entertainment options are in your new community.

1 Week Prior To Moving Day: Make Last-Minute Preparations

This week will be busy but exciting as you finalize moving day plans.

  • Verify the agreement you have with professional movers or rental truck suppliers and provide directions for the day of your move.
  • Complete your packing. Put together items for a small piece of luggage for the initial nights in your new apartment, and determine a safe way to pack valuables and important documents to keep with you.
  • Tidy up your prior unit as you finish packing. .
  • Get the keys and complete a walk-through of your new place. List and follow-up on any maintenance issues.
  • Get an idea where your furniture will best fit within your newly acquired apartment's layout.

Moving Day: Stay Organized!

Overhead shot of the Union Flats Apartments. 

Your day has arrived! It will be hectic, so you should have your Westfield apartment moving checklist at hand to stay on top of things.
  • Dispatch pets or kids with trusted family, friends, or paid sitters until the job is complete.
  • Work with the team of professionals as they pack and unpack the truck. Be sure to tip them and make your final payment.
  • Do the final walk around of your prior place.
  • Make sure you have electricity, gas, and working smoke detectors.
  • Set up the bare necessities at your new home, such as bedrooms, eating utensils, and toiletries.

Put Touring Harmony Apartment Homes On Your Apartment Moving Checklist For Westfield

You must decide on a new place before you start planning your move. What about Harmony Apartment Homes? Our friendly leasing professionals are excited to give you an in-person or online tour of our wonderful property and will help you determine the ideal apartment layout for you. Make visiting us part of your list of things to do and reach out to 317-795-0224 or request a tour today to discover your new home.